The history of acrylic painting

Acrylic painting is a relatively recent medium art that appeared in the mid 20th century and has changed the codes of painting. It is a technique with unique properties that have revolutionized the creative possibilities for artists. Acrylic paint is made from a water-based synthetic resin that binds the pigments. This composition of acrylic paint is not chemical and can be applied on many supports, using multiple tools and will dry very quickly. Acrylic paint can also be easily modified with water to produce a transparent effect or to create a unique texture; this is why acrylic paint is often referred to as a versatile technique. It is a material that endures well over long periods of time since the color does not tarnish. Acrylic has been used by many artists, including several famous Pop Art artists like Andy Warhol, who used bright colors in his acrylic portraits.

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